Governor’s visit

Great day in Worthington visiting with Governor Dayton, staff, and many great Southwestern Minnesotan’s at BenLee’s Cafe.  Great food and coffee enjoyed by many.

Nice to have a Governor offering assistance to our part of the State as well as friendship.

Candidate for Senate Dist. 22 and Mayor of Worthington,  Alan Oberloh welcomed the Governor and gave him the opportunity to speak  as well as candidates for House Dist 22A and 22 B, Gene Short of Currie, and Cheryl Avenel -Navera of Worthington.

Hot Iron Pour

Saturday, September 8th, 2012– A bright and breezy day in Lamberton, Minnesota.

We  were teated to a experience unlike any before.  We watched square steel rods being transformed  to round and  then becoming flower petals, miniature spoons, steel twisted, and brass brushed to become a kettle holder.  Rosebuds, made from round and flattened steel.  With a determined effort bodies can change and become anew.

Then to the next event with coal being fired and steel castings being added to then become molten steel.  To be poured and made into new shapes, molds, and figurines.

The thought occurs that as we enter a new legislative session in January that a new flame of legislators will appear.  Perhaps that flame can ignite the body, melt it, and then mold it to become one piece of work.  Originally separate and now one, only because the flame has been lit and the transformation has taken place. Even if it’s only a spark, let the flame begin by igniting the masses and encouraging them to exercise their rights, register, and then vote.

Let we who wish to serve become that flame and once again become ” One Minnesota for All”